We question the question for better solution

We question the question for better solution
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” We question the question for better solution “

The Proprietor and owner of SOLUTIONS, Mr. Rajendra Bhide, is a Handwriting Analyst. He began his career in 1999. He has examined over a thousand documents for cases in corporate sectors, industries, banking sectors and at personal levels and they have been successfully resolved.
Handwriting Analysis and Investigation and analysis provided for:
Disputed documents or signatures including: wills, cheques, contracts, deeds, account ledgers, medical records, and autograph authentication, questioned signatures, suspect documents, forgeries, identity theft, anonymous letters, alterations, obliterations, erasures, altered medical records, graffiti/doodles, handwritten numbers, and handwritten documents.



Handwriting analysis would normally involve comparing documents to determine their authenticity, for example, to determine if a signature is genuine on a Will or legal document.

We can compare signatures and normal upper and lower case text. It is possible to determine whether handwriting is genuine and also if you have a suspect we can investigate whether your suspect is responsible (assuming you have a sample of his or her genuine handwriting for analysis also). 

soft skill

Soft skills are an important part of any corporate training program. The best way to teach them is debatable; in fact, as with many topics, the best way to train employees in soft skills may be a blend of modalities.

Soft skills are the difference between satisfactory applicants and ideal candidates. In most aggressive employment markets, enrollment criteria don’t stop at specialized capacity and expert learning.





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  • Being an advocate, I am very critical and choosy for documentation. But I am really happy with Solution`s services and caring staff. I really appreciate the knowledge of Rajendra Bhide in the field of Handwriting Analysis.
    Advocate Anil Patil
  • Being a religious Muslim lady I was hesitant to meet a person for the handwriting analysis for myself and my daughter but I met him at his office with the courage and I understood analysis by handwriting I have changed as per his suggestions the only one word that I can say about him is that he is genius Grandmaster and more than that he is a very noble human being having lot of empathy towards the society.
  • The place that solves our problem with solutions. Got to know about myself with a positive attitude. I am very much satisfied with the answers I got and special thanks to Mr.Rajendra Bhide who have guided me to choose the correct path in my life…Sir great work, would suggest everyone to just visit this place once.
  • “Solutions” , yes it provides solution to your every problem. Mr. Rajendra Bhide was indeed generous to me as we only had telephonic conversation regarding my case .I hail from Gujarat. I have sent the related documents to him via post. He received them and prepared the report. He also sent me the report.The staff was also very co-operative.I am grateful to him he understood me and helped me in the hour of need.


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Solutions with the Suicide note

Girls play various roles in their life like a daughter, sister, mother, and most importantly wife. We can see this gender is taking the world by storm whatever field it may be from politics to sports, from entertainment to finance. They are everywhere. Gone are the days when society believed that they are meant for only cooking and carrying forward the generation next to come. She was not having any identity.

पत्र लिहिलेल्या माणसाचा खरा मुखवटा

एक महाराष्ट्रातील नामवंत महाविद्यालयाचे दोन प्राध्यापक just dail ला फोन करून आमचा नंबर घेवून आम्हाला भेटायला आले. त्यांच्या संदर्भात एक पत्र महाविद्यालयाच्या प्राचार्यांना व प्रशासनांना आले होते. तसेच ते प्राध्यापक त्या कॉलेज मध्ये राहिले तर कॉलेजच्या नावाची बदनामी व कॉलेज मधल्या विद्यार्थीनींचे जीवन धोक्यात आहे असे त्यात लिहिले होते. प्राध्यापकांना निलंबित केले नाही तर मोठ्या प्रमाणात रोष निर्माण होईल महाविद्यालयाचे नाव खराब होईल असे वारंवार त्यात नमूद केले होते.

Signature analysis of person in news Imran Khan

While observing the signature of Imran Khan,
We can see that the starting alphabets in the upper zone and the lower zone are written in a bigger font size. Such individuals are known to poses immense mental strength. The ‘loop’ in the middle zone and the Upper zone shows a tendency and an ability to constantly make new plans.