Renthighway.com is the first commodity rental platform in India with the aim of improving living standards without needing to spend a lot and also it has no commitments! You can simply pay for as long as you use the lifestyle product and change whenever you want to adapt to a new trend!

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A Simple 3 Step Process

1. Rent

Book online

2. Use

Delivered direct to you door

3. Return

Free pickup and security refund



Travel Accessories

Have you ever dropped the plan to purchase a luggage bag because it’s highly expensive and required for a short time. We have just the right kind of travel bags for you. With the ease of renting it out from a large variety, you will save time, money & space and you get an opportunity to own latest & trendy travel bag each time you travel.



Kids love toys and they are great to keep them entertained as well as using their imaginations. But what happens when that brand new toy loses its excitement? Or when your kids are bored with their toys? You have to buy new toys, and that can get expensive. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! Rent toys at low and affordable price and you can have unlimited fun and excitment.


Furniture and Appliances

We know the effort it takes to find the perfect rented house to stay in a new city. And also know that turning it into a home isn't one bit easy. That is why we created Renthighway - a one-stop solution for easily renting furniture, appliances and other home furnishing essentials. With a range of high-quality stylish products to choose from at very affordable prices, you will never want to buy second-hand goods again!



Entertainment is just a click away with our projector and screen and other party items.Experience cinema at your home like it was meant to be. So sit back & relax! enjoy your favorite movie show or sports match with a cup of hot coffee. We are showcasing that people can have a happy Sunday by streaming online movies on big screen and have a theater experience at home.


The picture is perfect! Thank you for such wonderful customer service. You guys rock!!! After looking into several furniture stores, you guys met all of our expectations in customer service, knowledge of product, price and care for our needs

You have great customer service. All the product has good quality, We are Satisfied with all the product purchased from Rent Highway."

I love Rent Highway products. The product is always perfect and I never have to worry about the quality of the product. Love it!!



Furniture on rent: A growing urban trend

Living on lease require not to imply that individuals need to abandon an agreeable way of life. For individuals who are progressing, leasing furniture and apparatuses, can be a simple method to brighten their homes, economically.

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Daily rise of the rent economy

The market for rental furniture has tremendous development potential in India. Till as of late, this market was commanded by chaotic and nearby players, who offered little assortment and very little as far as incentive for cash.

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Should you rent toys rather than buy?

We will in general ruin our children with toys from the shops since we imagine that is the proper activity. Unavoidably, our youngsters get exhausted of them and they sit in the toy box gathering dust. In any case, consider the possibility that you could change the act of children hurling toys to the other side that they never again like

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