Slow compounding over the years create serious wealth


Saving your money is Only the first Step!

Give us a few minutes and we will show you how MysticWealth tortoise can help your money run faster than inflation avoiding Red Queen Affect.

 ** ” assuming 12% CAGR for equity” **

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What is Mystic Wealth Tortoise

Mystic Wealth tortoise is an automated Index investing strategy with both Asset allocation and trend following overlay to ensure slow long term compounding of your savings.


Asset Allocation: 70% Nifty junior. 15% Gold. 15% long term gilt.


"Assuming 12% CAGR for 30 years"

How do you know what you are paying is More, less or reasonable.

First figure out how much are you paying currently

You pay approximately 1% in commissions compounded every year to your mutual fund advisor. You dont see the charge as it gets deducted from your mutual fund’s NAV. Next time notice the difference of NAV between direct plan and regular plan, thats your advisor’s cut.


How much you pay, changes everything!!!


Its a documented fact that FEES kill returns. MWT avoids that trap by

  • Investing in ETFs and not mutual funds. (1-2% Vs 0.5%)
  • We charge a nominal Rs 1599/Year Vs 1-2% of AUM charged by your Mutual fund advisor.

Why ETF and not mutual funds

  • In one word. Expenses. ETF charges a whole lot less compared to mutual fund expenses. Somebody has to sponsor the fund manager fees.
  • In 02 words. Manager Risk. When you invest in ETF, you bet on index, when you invest in mutual fund, you bet on Fund manager's brilliance and risk his attrition.

How are we different


We don’t let drawdown become bigger than your uncle point. And that changes everything. It gives you the ability to continue your investment journey forever.

MysticWealth tortoise has a Trend following Overlay which moves to debt from Equity when the trend is down.

It is a Quantitative approach to wealth creation. Slow compounding done on Index by cutting down
costs substantially and applying active strategies to minimize drawdown of a typical buy and hold.



Here is a Step by Step guide to hand hold you.

On-boarding Procedure

“Please feel free to contact us for further details. We would love to help you get On-board “SLOW COMPOUNDING TRAIN”